Dear members and dear friends, we would like to inform you that after the elections of PER.POL.O Attica Group that took place on 15 January 2014 and the election of the new board, as we have informed, on January 23 the new board was constituted.

  • PRESIDENT Tsirtavi Athanasia
  • VICE Papageorgiou George - Responsible for hiking & climbing
  • SECRETARY Mantzakoura Asimina
  • TREASURER Cheimonaki Anastasia
  • MEMBER Pantazopoulos Dionysis - Responsible for environmental matters
  • MEMBER Ntagianta Maria - Responsible for activities organization and communications
  • MEMBER Keramida Fotini - Responsible for cultural matters

The new Board of Directors believes that each separately and all together we can contribute to organize environmental - cultural activities as well as the dissemination of hiking, climbing and other activities that promote the love for nature.
We are waiting!

The Board of
Environmental Cultural Group of Attica (PERI.POL.O)