Club activities

The Environmental and Cultural Association of Attica (PERI.POL.O) founded as a club in April 2013.

Objectives of the club are:

  • Spreading love and respect for nature. Particularly focused on protecting the natural environment of Attica and especially the mountains and seas and the remarkable residential environment of Heliopolis municipality and adjacent municipalities.
  • Dissemination of hiking, easy [non sport] climbing and generally mild sports.
  • Support of sustainable tourism.
  • The cultural and spiritual upliftment of members and friends.
  • Developing relationships with organizations that adopt the principles of sustainable development, democracy and social justice.

To achieve its objectives:

  • Organizes and participates in plantation of more trees, guarding forests and cleaning beaches.
  • Organizes tours, excursions, alternative holidays and leisure activities for members and friends.
  • Organizes cultural groups and cultural events.
  • Participates in social struggles for the protection of natural resources, cultural and historical monuments, and social rights.